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NEA Higher Education Position Statements

Quality and Higher Education: Defining Our Stance

The NEA Higher Education Position Statements are the result of extensive deliberations by the Higher Education Subcommittee of the Membership Advisory Committee and reflect its concerns about the quality of higher education in the United States. The individual elements of the Statement on Higher Education Positions are linked below:

  1. Academic and Intellectual Freedom and Tenure in Higher Education
  2. Access, Remediation, and Retention in Higher Education
  3. Accreditation in Higher Education
  4. Career Technical Education
  5. Contingent Faculty
  6. Curriculum Reform
  7. Distance Education
  8. Evaluation of Faculty
  9. Faculty Governance in Higher Education
  10. Faculty Reward Structure
  11. Graduate and Professional Schools in Higher Education
  12. Professional Compensation and the Finances of Higher Education
  13. Research in Higher Education