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Retirees4Public Education

Florida & Arizona Retired M.O.R.E. Project and The NEA-Retired Rapid Response Team

NEA-Retired Members Take Action!

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M.O.R.E. Program

The M.O.R.E. Program serves as a Pilot Project for the NEA. The plan is to organize a small but highly effective army of retired educators who will stand up for public education, educators and each other. This is a member engagement project and not a membership drive.

  • If we can successfully motivate and inspire at least 10% of our retired members in Florida to take targeted, strategic actions, we’ll make a huge difference in the big fights in public education in that state.
  • Currently, there are 3,500 NEA/FEA-Retired members in Florida. However, there are 6,000 Florida-based NEA-Retired members who are NOT members of FEA. Through the Voter Activation Network and the NEA IMS, we have identified those members by counties and will begin to work with them to engage them in pro public education activities. We will work with all pension states that have NEA-Retired members living in Florida to communicate with their members. In addition, we will network with other Retired groups in Florida, like the NYSUT Retiree Councils, the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans and others to cooperatively work to support Public Education and protect retirement security.
  • Lastly, we hope to engage Florida Retirees, especially those who vote in Florida, to help FEA sustain the momentum gained in previous election cycles.

To be a part of the NEA Retired Florida M.O.R.E. Program, complete the M.O.R.E. survey or contact: Marilyn Warner at or Todd Crenshaw at:

The Florida M.O.R.E.(Mobilize, Organize, Recruit and Engage) Project began hosting Regional Network Meetings last week. Seven Meetings were held in Orlando/Osceola, Miami/Dade, West Palm Beach, Hillsborough/Pasco/Pinellas, Okaloosa, Fort Myers and Brevard. A total of 212 Retirees attended and 80% of them signed up to volunteer for the 2014 Florida Elections and Governor’s race. Each attendee was asked to recruit 3 additional retirees and have them complete the online MORE Survey at Currently 165 retirees have signed up for engagement activities ranging from phone banking, e-mailing or calling legislators to lobbying in Tallahassee.

Florida Retired M.O.R.E. Project Survey


Take this survey to become a member of NEA-Retired's Florida M.O.R.E. (Mobilize, Organize, Recruit, Engage) Project.

Arizona M.O.R.E. Program

In 2016, Arizona became the 2nd M.O.R.E. PROJECT State. With over 2100 members and 1800 NEA-Retired members who have retired to Arizona and vote, they are quickly organizing into an effective army of volunteers who impact elections in their state.

Arizona Retired M.O.R.E. Project Survey

To be a part of the NEA Retired Arizona M.O.R.E program, click here.

Be a Part of the NEA-Retired Rapid Response Team!

Join with over 3,000 other NEA Retired Members that live within a 50 mile radius of downtown Washington, DC. Your expertise and years of experience are crucial during this critical turning point in NEA history.

We’d love to have you partner with us! We want you for:

  • Attending congressional hearings on Public Education and Retirement Security Issues
  • Mentoring opportunities with younger NEA Members
  • Participating in social activities with other NEA Retired activists
  • Strengthening your bond with your state & local association

To join the NEA Retired Rapid Response Team visit the NEA-Retired Rapid Response Team sign up page or contact Todd Crenshaw at:

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  • Florida M.O.R.E. Flyer
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Other Action Opportunities

Advocacy Stories


Check out the images from M.O.R.E. regional network meetings throughout Florida.

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