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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Copyright Resources

Intellectual Property encompasses copyright, patents, trademarks, and other topics involving protections of intellectual and academic work. The United States Constitution provides the underlying protections under this section, Copyrights and Patents have the most applicability to faculty and staff work within higher education.

NEA Presentations

Fair Use, Liabilities and Electronic Toll Booths
A report on the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Diplomatic Conference in Geneva, by former NCHE President, Roger Knutsen.

Basic Resources

Copyright Clearance Center Online
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a not-for-profit organization created at the suggestion of Congress to help organizations comply with U.S. copyright law. Through its collective licensing programs, CCC provides authorized users with a lawful means for making photocopies from its repertoire of more than 1.75 million titles.

The U.S. Copyright Office
"To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries" (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8).

Library of Congress-Copyright Legislation
This site has a list of recent legislative changes in copyright laws.

Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching—Again
This 2002 article, from the Education Policy Analysis Archive, discuss the Doctrine of Fair Use and how technology erodes the traditional application of "Fair Use" for educational purposes.

Copyright Society
This nonprofit corporation fosters the study of copyright law in literature, music, art, the theatre, motion pictures, and other forms of intellectual property.

College and University Sites

Copyright Crash Course Online Tutorial
Take this tutorial to gain practical knowledge of copyright laws. This freely accessible online course focuses on ownership, fair use and permissions, and is provided by the University of Texas System's Office of General Counsel. You'll find very helpful resources too.

Educause/Cornell Institute for Computer Policy and Law
The Computer Policy and Law program is a great resource on policies related to the use of technology without violating legal and ethical standards. Surf this site to find a collection of policies and guidelines from higher education institutions. There are policies on acceptable use, computer use/abuse, E-mail, privacy, security, and the Internet.

© Primer
This interactive tutorial from the University of Maryland's Center for Intellectual Property is intended for both creators and users of copyrighted materials.




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